Friday, August 31, 2012

The Owl: The Owl's Message To Humans Day 1

The OWL Assisting Humans


Taking Responsibility for Being The Creator of my 'Within' (who i am as My Mind)
 and my 'Without' : This Current World System Based on Inequality

Stopping the The Unconscious Mind as The Collective Mind

Using Self-forgiveness and Commitment to Correction

Self-forgiveness Statements:

As the Movie Industry:
Owl Abuses: 

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to not see/realize and understand that when we use owls and other animals for props in movies just to entertain mind characters - we are abusing them in the name of our desire for  positive energy experiences  from earning money and profit from the movies we make  - within self-interest while some people do not even have money to buy food to eat  - movies made for those  that have money to watch a movie produced for profit in a world based on inequality where self-interest and competition is the rule of the game in an unequal world of money as this current world system

I commit myself to show how animals are being used to cater for human's mind entertainment
in my blogs - to in using the tools of self-forgiveness, writing and self-corrective application in equalizing with/as the mind and physical as my 'within' - assist birds to have food daily in my backyard by providing grains for them to eat to nourish their body and express who they are and what they are as their allocation in this physical existence so that - as i eat and nourish my physical body to express who i am and what i am here - we express and support each other unconditionally as equals - and assist in establishing a world where humans, animals, plants etc. can express oneself eternally in this physical existence - a world based on equality - where all can have access to ones basic necessities to survive.

As Kenneth Lea
50, left aviaries in a state of squalor, a court heard.
Birds were found with leg wounds, overgrown beaks and swollen and clubbed feet.

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to abuse owls and other animals - while training them - where i acted in self-interest - making myself survive - while letting the animals die - in my care - not providing them with food or water and keeping them hostage - where i did not consider the equal and one relationship with all that is here in the physical and saw them as less than me and me more than myself  - not realizing that we all came from the same substance all are made of and as such we are equal to all that is here in the physical - the birds physical body is nourished so they can express who they are and what they are here - as my 'without' - so that we all live in equality and oneness - equal to and one with the eternal expression of the physical here - in a world that stands for what is best for all. .

I commit myself to show the abuses committed by humans in our desire to survive in self-interest - to in my self-perfection process - stop the mind and see the equality of all in one's standing of/as life -  humans, plants, animals and non living things - as ones eternal expression as the physical.

As the Groups that Use Live Animal Mascots :
Team Mascots are used for LUCK
The Youtube Video That Shows How Luis Moreno, A soccer player Kicked An Owl

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that when we use owls or other live animals as  mascots for the group for luck - where groups compete in sports competitions and bring their live animal mascots for luck  - we are abusing animals as they are here just like us living in this physical existence having their own allocation - where luck is equated to a positive energy experience one get when one wins a game with or without money involved.

As Luis Moreno:
I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to not see realize and understand that when i kick animals, i am abusing a part of the animal kingdom which i am a part of - and as the animal kingdom is part of life -and life is equal to all -  i am equal to all that exist- where as i connect the animal to the team  i am competing with - i kicked it - as i perceived it separate from me - as i perceived the other people playing and the competitor team as separate from me - where because of the noise in my head as my thoughts and internal conversations within/as my mind and the reactions as emotions and feelings that i constantly and continuously hear - i cannot see/realize and understand the consequence of what i did  to/as all - and because of the drive to compete to win for money and the positive energy experience of exhiliration to win  - which i created  within/as my mind from the starting point of' fear of not winning' - to win to be happy - as the 'happiness as fear of losing' character  -  using the feet - pushing the feet to a position expressing jealousy - which is a physical action directed by the mind.
So i commit myself to when and as i see myself being jealous of another, fearing losing- desiring to win to be happy -  i stop - I breathe. I realize that jealousy is a desire to control the outcome of an event coming from fear of not being in control -to win to be happy -  assist myself to see that i do not need to win to be happy - so to let go of separation within and as myself with/as others - and equalize myself to the physical - to see the commonsense that i am made from the same substance all are made of - equal to all that is here - to commit myself to delete the presence of characters as memories, as pictures as desires within/as my mind and let go of the separation as desires etc. -and assist myself to see that real happiness is me walking out of the noise within/as my mind to be here as what in fact is here - to see the eternity of existence here as who i am.

I commit myself to show how animals are abused in my blogs and how humans as the head of the animal kingdom are abusers - only working for self-interest and not standing for what is best for all.

I commit myself to call on the animal activists to direct activism to a point  where we assist to establish a world that truly honors life so we do not have to be activists for change but activating who we are as living examples of change and within that stand for what is best for all.

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