Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Elephant: Message To Humans Day 2


'You're waiting in this one point, this one position on this earth praying for something or someone to save you, not realizing that it's gonna take humans working together walking together - assisting and supporting yourselves and each other to bring forth this existence into a solution for all equally as one'

' consider your relationship with animals in that we don't need prayers, we don't need spiritualizing...'
The quantum existence of Elephants
Taking Responsibility for Being The Creator of my 'Within' (who i am as My Mind)
 and my 'Without' : This Current World System Based on Inequality

Stopping the The Unconscious Mind as The Collective Mind

Using Self-forgiveness and Commitment to Correction

Self-forgiveness Statements:
Me as All Characters In This World

Elephant Circus Cruelty

As Owner of The Circus

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to enslave elephants by getting them to perform in my circus business where i authorize the workers to be cruel to the elephants to chain them, whip them and to train them to do performances to entertain people's minds - so i can earn money and survive in this current monetary system based on inequality -withn self-interest .
Tusks Taken from the Elephant And Made Into Different Products For Sale

Elephant Poaching
'Elephant ivory has been used in huge amounts to make billiards balls, piano keys, identification chops and many other items for human enjoyment.'

As Owner Of An Ivory Business: 

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to authorize my workers to abuse elephants by taking their tusks to be manufactured into different ivory items where i can earn money and profit.

As the Ivory Billiard Ball Makers:

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to make billiard balls out of elephant tusks - to earn money and make profit to survive in a world based on inequality - within self-interest - where i do not see the abuse and hurt elephants suffer to entertain me within/as the mind - where because of the noise in my head as thoughts, internal conversations, reactions - when i wanted to win the competitions with another - i do not see/realize and understand that the elephants are being hurt and abused just for me to be able to play billiard games.

As the Elite Who Play Billards in their Homes Using Ivory Billard Balls
I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to believe that i am doing no harm to humanity by having more money than others - with the excuse that 'i worked for it, they are poor because they are lazy' - not realizing that the resources of the earth is given unconditionally to all equally as an eternal expression of the earth in the physical here - where it is based on giving and receiving to/as all as equals - where this unconditional expression is being abused by humans -  by accepting and allowing a system based on inequality without assisting in establishing a world that truly honors life - where everyone will have equal amounts of money to survive in dignity - where elephant tusks will not be taken from elephants to be manufactured into billiard balls - for entertaining the mind - to have positive energy experiences - not taking into consideration the pain we inflict on elephants when we take their tusks away from their body - not realizing that that body is the eternal expression of substance as the physical here - from/as the earth - not realizing that we can assist to establish a world where all can live in dignity - plants, animals, humans etc.based on equality.

As The Workers in the Ivory Billard Balls Business
I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to desire to survive through being employed in the Billard Ivory Balls Business - where i am trying to survive in a world that is based on inequality and self-interest - but not assisting in establishing a world based on equality - where within that i am saying 'i give up' - as the 'giving up' character - where in that giving up i am saying 'i cannot do anything about it' - not realizing that life is here - that i only have to stop my mind  - change, stand and simply live as who i am - equal to all that is here - and while i have to survive to live  - i am also assisting in establishing a world that truly honors life.

As The Elite Using/Playing Music Using Piano Keys Made Out Of Ivory
I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to believe that i have the right to play piano and express myself within music using piano with ivory keys - not considering the harm i am inflicting on elephants through taking their tusks and using it to make piano keys made of ivory - also not considering that in my having more than others supporting inequality - as this current monetary system - supporting this monetary system in self-interest - and not assisting in establishing a life that truly honors life based on equality.


As The People Spiritualizing Elephants
I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to believe that elephants are special - where i desire to  get a positive energy experience out of making the elephant special believing that because they carry nobility in cultures where nobility is looked up to - equating nobility with elephants - where within this is me  separating myself from what is here as equal to the physical - as the elephant - as all are made from the same substance all are made of - equal to all that is here - to instead of recognizing that and the eternal substance that is here and equality to all that is here - i am existing within /as my mind in an alternate reality giving life to me as an alternate version of me believing that elephants are special - rather than being here in this breath in this body in this moment interacting with the elephant from a point of equality - as the physical - as reality.

I commit myself to expose the abuses done to the elephants and learn from the elephant by listening to the elephant interview -  see who they are and what their purpose is - and assist in establishing a world that truly honors life - to create a world where animals are not abused and sold for profit.

I commit myself to call on the animal activists to instead of being animal activist's - activate a world based on equality  by assisting the establishment of an equal money system where all can live as equals and human, animals and plant abuses will stop for good.